The Photographer, His Wife, Her Lover

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The dramatic story of one of the great art scandals of modern times – this is the tale of the photographs of O. Winston Link and the feeding frenzy that these extraordinary images have left behind. Link took elegant black-and-white nighttime photographs of the last of the great steam locomotives, as they chugged majestically across small-town America in the 1950s. Link married Conchita Mendoza when he was 73 and she 48. From there the story could be told by Stephen King: Conchita successfully marketed the photographs for increasing profit while becoming sexually entangled with another man, Ed Hayes – all the time keeping Link captive and incommunicado in his basement darkroom … Or is the true story that Link himself was the great manipulator?



“… a fascinating investigation into personality, crime, marriage, contemporary art, and the ever-malleable nature of truth.”


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