Babitski’s War

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ANDREI BABITSKI went missing in Chechnya in December 2000. He was a Russian journalist working for Radio Liberty. Babitsky was part of a small group of journalists committed to telling the truth about what was happening in Grozny and Chechnya. Brave and with strong contacts in the Chechen army, he told a very different story to the official one being expounded by the Russian government of Vladimir Putin. The Russian army imprisoned him in Grozny after some of the frontline footage he shot was shown on Russian television. They held him captive in a so-called “Filtration Camp” in Northern Chechnya. Finally he was set free.

ALAN RICKMAN narrates the story. It is also powerfully told by ANDREI BABITSKI himself through his extraordinarily vivid footage of the war in Chechnya.



“A remarkable account of brave reporting” – FINANCIAL TIMES

WINNER of The Amnesty International Award for Best Documentary, 2000


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