Our God The Condor

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An award-winning documentary that examines the remote Peruvian Andean village of COTABAMBAS and its annual ʻYawar (Blood) Fiestaʼ. This festival ritualises the struggle between the indigenous population and the Spaniards over the 450 years since the Conquest of Peru. A condor, ʻspirit of the Andesʼ, is captured and brought down into the village; after three days it is sewn onto the back of a bull, thus creating ʻthe mythical creature against whom man strugglesʼ. At its release after the festival, the flight of the condor will determine the next yearʼs fortune for the village.

Produced and directed by ANDY HARRIES and PAUL YULE

WINNER of The Special Award Society for Visual Anthropology 1989
Margaret Mead Film Festival, New York 1988
WINNER of ANTHROPOS 87ʼ, Los Angeles

‘Extraordinary’ – THE TIMES


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