My Developing Eye (Book)


Exclusive Fine Limited Edition Book / 100 copies only

Photographs by PAUL YULE 

Includes a substantial text by the photographer. A rich chronicle covering more than five decades.

Rupert Martin writes: “A book to treasure and revisit. Of it’s time and timeless. Wonderful story telling with humanity, acute observation and an unerring eye for composition, fusing poignant personal memories with a dynamic professional life. So many memorable images. Where to begin? There is witty juxtaposition, mixing reportage with enigmatic insight, strangeness and familiarity. Fluent sequences in Peru, France, and London. The portraits are a revelation, as are the early and late South African pictures. So good to see B&W with it’s granular rigour, and I like the way the book ends with colour, like Tarkovsky’s Rublev. ”

360 full-page photographs, mostly black and white

Book dimensions: 33 x 28 cms (13″ x 11″)
380 pages



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